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Saturday 29 June 2013

Now the summer is really beginning

code.pngLike said in the last article that I wrote here I'm working on java-gnome to write a brand new code generator that will use GObject Introspection data. During the first two weeks of this summer of code I was not really dedicated to my project. I just finished my year at the university by having almost two weeks of exams. So I had to make a choice and decided to work more on my exams than on my summer project.

Serkan Kaba and I found the time to make some choices about what I will have to do during the whole summer starting from now. We have chosen to focus on the XML version of the Introspection data so we can easily parse them with a minimum of changes in the current code generator. If you don't know how the code generator currently works, it just parse .defs files data and generate several layers (JNI, translation) in the code of java-gnome. So the idea is to in a first time try to write a piece of code that will write .defs files from Introspection XML data. This will allow us to validate that we have fully understood how to use the data from GIR and to use the current powerful code generator to continue to generate some bindings layers. In a second time, I will work on implementing the new code generator that will use GIR data natively.

My exams are done I can now focus on this summer project. I am very glad to participate to the Google Summer of Code again (this is my third time). And I am mainly happy to be able to improve one of the project that I love.