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GIR for java-gnome: update week 27

java.pngThe week that has just passed has been the first one with code involved. I started to work on the Introspection data parser to generate a bunch of .defs files that we can use in the java-gnome code generator. The idea behind this work is not to always use a tool to convert Introspection data to .defs data. The goal is to help me understand how I can use the Introspection data, how I can read them to be able to adapt the current code generator with a minimum of changes.

The current work is still quite ugly. It parses the XML based GIR data with some Java code and write .defs files. I try to have .defs files as similar as the ones that java-gnome currently uses. It is a quite long work since I need to write a XML parser which is a kind of pain in the ass (according to me, that is terribly boring :-D). The current code can be found in a Git branch on GitHub. The GIR data parser is located in the tests/prototype/introspection directory of the branch.

The goal for the next week is to polish the current code to make it more easy to read and especially take advantage of the XML API provided by Java. In this way the parser will be more understandable (by everyone) and it will also be more maintainable (it is not for now). I will also have to go deeper in the Introspection data parsing to generate more accurate data since there is still some strange output when the parser runs.